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Voices from Camp: Core Memories

Sage, Ropes Course Coordinator Summer 2021 and past camper

One of my favorite core memories growing up as a camper was getting a mug of hot cocoa at breakfast time,

there is something about camp that is so unique, how magical it all feels, no technology, the smells of campfire, sunscreen and bug spray.​ When I got accepted to work as the ropes course coordinator and as a part of the leadership staff I didn't fully know what to expect but I knew it would be great. As summer started rolling I got to experience how much work it was to create magical moments and unforgettable weeks, for both the campers and staff.

During staff training and throughout the summer I would jump at opportunities to help with projects knowing that I had support from other staff. I replaced a toilet in the staff bath, reconnected the water lines to the juice machine and was always ready for a project. I recognized very quickly that the staff at Paradise Point works as a machine not

as individuals, there was no competition for who could do things best, staff and campers acknowledged that roles aren’t always gender based. All of the staff brought their experiences, open hearts, and ready hands willing to teach, share, or learn something new, this made me feel proud of the camp community built throughout the years.

Working on the ropes course was a great

experience that I shared with other staff members, campers and family campers. The ropes course as a whole is one of the things that I appreciated much more knowing what went into it (turns out you have to set it up everyday, and take it down too). The rigorous training, waking up early to set up different elements for the day such as the catwalk, vines, zipline, leap of faith, giant swing, and rock wall. Spending long hours with other staff not only moving campers through the elements safely but also creating a space for impact and growth, by challenging others knowing they have a team of support allowing them to explore new things.

Throughout the summer I saw campers grow in their own ways, by making new friends, becoming more comfortable at campfires, and by sharing things with their new friends, one camper was nervous to get in the water the first day but by the end of the week he was racing his friends on the Wibit! I felt like I was watching them make their own core memories that I am proud of being a part of. I am so glad that Paradise Point has been and is still such an incredible space for growth, laughter, memories, and hot cocoa!

Gandalf and Sage smiling on the ropes course at Paradise Point Camp, 2021.

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